Barcode Printer Quinn T. May 7, 2021
Barcode Printer

What is Barcode printer?

A barcode printer refers to a type of peripheral computer device. This device is used for producing barcode labels, which will then be attached to particular objects such as products, parcels, etc. 

Type of barcode printers

There are 2 most common types of barcode printers with different methods of printing barcode labels. 

  • Direct thermal printers produce black barcodes on paper by using a printhead to generate heat and a chemical reaction.
  • Thermal transfer printers also generate heat to produce barcode. However, this type of device does not cause any chemical reaction. Instead, the heat generated melts a resin substance on a ribbon and spreads it on the paper following certain designs.

Thermal transfer printers are usually more pricey compared to direct thermal printers. And barcode labels produced by these devices are likely to be more legible, especially in case being exposed to heat, direct sunlight or chemicals.

Besides, there are some other existing types of barcode printers, namely:

  • Inkjet printers utilize ink to produce barcodes. Ink is released on the paper through thousands of tiny holes on the print head.
  • Laser printers also contain loads of tiny holes, but use colored powder and a laser to fuse ink on the paper.
  • RFID printers is created to print smart barcode labels which contain material embedded with an RFID inlay

Why use barcode printers?

Barcode printers are important access in sales businesses. Retailers use barcode printers mainly in order to customize product prices and track their items in-store as well as on delivery. Besides, if being connected to sales and inventory management systems, barcode printers can also support retail businesses to monitor product details, the quantity of stock available, and even complete transactions.