Draft Order Quinn T. May 11, 2021
Draft Order

What is draft orders?

Draft orders refer to the orders that you create on behalf of your customer, which is similar to the ones created by your customers in essence. The draft order will then become an official order if you accept payment for it.

Why do retailers use draft orders?

Draft orders are commonly used in order to access or add items. Besides, draft orders are also necessary for retailers who receive orders through outside channels such as orders that you make over the phone, via chat, in person, etc. Additionally, draft orders can be helpful in some following cases.

  • Pre-order from customers
  • Save the order as a draft and continue to work on it later because your customers need to grab more products
  • Re-create orders manually from every active sales channel.
  • Create discount or wholesale programs for particular products.
  • Add items, discount to that cart so the order could be completed without having to enter all of that information again

For example, when adopting ConnectPOS, retailers will be able to manage, search real-time draft orders, and delete them directly right from their POS devices. 

Common components in a draft order

  • Draft orders always contain information related to one or more products such as the quantity, size, price, etc.
  • You can also add discounts on particular products or the entire order. 
  • Shipping rates as well as applicable taxes should also be included. 
  • The name of your customers are always required.

You can consider duplicating the previous draft orders, instead of creating new ones in case that information about your customers as well as products or services in those orders remains the same.