Flush cache Tammy April 12, 2021
Flush cache

Flush cache definition

“Cache”- a high-speed data storage layer – temporarily retains information that supports easy access. When the amount of data contained in caches exceeds certain levels, people are suggested to flush the cache. 

Cache flushing will clear that information in order to help smoothen and improve computer speed. In other words, everything including data and applications contained in that cache will be removed. Besides various impacts on computer performance, flush caches are also utilized for security purposes.

However, there are also possible negative effects that need to be addressed. For example, if the information is in the write cache while some unexpected things happened to the computer such as suddenly shutting down, the entire information will automatically disappear.

Flushing different types of cache

Domain name system (DNS)

Flushing domain name system cache refers to removing the section of computer memory in DNS entries that are responsible for translating domain names into a numerical Internet Protocol (IP) address. The IP address will support computer connections to the website.

Web browsers

Web browsers obtain a great deal of information from websites that users visited. That information, in some cases, can be misapplied by malicious users. As a result, the majority of websites allow users to delete the information by initiating a flush cache.

Disk cache

Similar to web browsers, disk cache poses some security issues. Disk cache contains the information written or read from the hard drive, which can be accessed for wrong purposes. The way to perform a disk cache will be different depending on the features of certain operating systems.

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