Order Number Jacey V. May 10, 2021
Order Number

What is the order number?

An order number is a unique sequence of numbers that identifies different order placements. This number is particularly useful in online platforms, as products are often shipped to a lot of customers and need to be closely monitored. It helps to filter retail orders quickly and efficiently.

This number is beneficial for both customers and retailers to keep track of their products. For customers, it helps to track order details or shipment dates. For retailers, it supports the management of purchased products and stores these data in the system for future reference.

In addition, for some businesses, using these numbers in shipment can also protect customers’ personal information, as they can be used as an alternative to their real names. This can improve confidentiality and create a reliable service.

What are the requirements for this number?

First and foremost, an order number should be unique to be identified with other numbers and between different companies. It often has a pre-defined format according to each company. It is often composed of a series of numbers, and space/hyphens. For example, an Amazone US order number might look like this: 111-9244735-1237858

What can you do with this number?

Companies can differ in the use of order numbers. For some, an order number is completely different from a tracking number which is used to track the delivery of a parcel. Therefore, with an order number, customers cannot see where their packages are.

However, there are still other companies allowing customers to track the delivery status by their order number. It is recommended to check both order and tracking numbers to see what works in your case.

Above all, the order number can be easily pasted/typed in a search box, where customers and retailers can see details about a particular purchase.