Product Tags Jacey V. May 11, 2021
Product Tags

What are product tags?

Product tags are pieces of descriptive information that are put on products. Businesses use this information to organize and track their products throughout the supply chain management process. 

What is often included in a product tag?

Depending on the different types of business, information on a product tag may differ. However, apart from the company’s logo, name and contact, the core elements that every product tag should have are:

  • Product name: The name should help to distinguish one product from another. Businesses can name their products in a simple way, or be creative by coming up with special product names.
  • Description: This part should include the necessary information that customers look for, such as materials, sizing, colors, or sustainability aspects. 
  • Barcode: Adding a barcode to the tags can help to keep track of inventory more easily and systematically. 
  • Price (optional): Pricing is an important aspect that determines the decision-making of customers. Therefore, indicating price on the tags is essential; however not necessary if your business doesn’t need to.
  • SKU number (optional): Stock Keeping Unit number should also be included in tags, which can help the warehousing department. The higher the SKU count your company has, the more necessary an SKU number on product tags should be.

Most popular types of product tags

A product tag can be mass-produced by computer, aesthetically designed, or hand-made for a more unique look. Above all, the most common type of product tags are hang tags, which are attached to items such as clothes or accessories.

Benefits of product tags

  • Organize and track products
  • Provide information for customers
  • Grab attention if designed in a creative way
  • Used as a marketing tool (for customers to know more about your products)
  • Support return and exchange process
  • Increase professionalism and build brand image