Second screen Quinn T. May 14, 2021
Second screen

The idea of the second screen

A POS second screen refers to the screen on digital devices commonly installed in checkout counters. 

These screens provide customers with detailed information about every item on their shopping carts such as view prices of particular items, taxations, discount programs, etc. A standard second screen should follow three basic criteria including connectivity, app functionality, and consisting of a screen. 

Benefits of second screens

  • Support order process

By using second screens, restaurants or cafe shops can enhance their order process by providing their customers with prices of their expected products.

Second screens offer customers chances to track their receipts with detailed information about their shopping experiences from items in their cart, total prices to names of cashiers. As a result, the risks of making mistakes during checkout processes can be minimized.

  • Inform existing promotions

Second screens can be used as powerful tools to inform customers about existing promotion programs in stores. In order words, retailers can include them in their strategies of attracting and retaining customers.

  • Receive feedback from customers

Retailers can create a set of questions related to their stores or shopping experiences on every second screen. These screens will encourage customers to interact with them and send retailers their feedback. Afterward, based on the feedback, retail stores are able to improve their businesses as well as fulfil customer requirements.

  • Display affiliate program. 

The second screen can also be used as a possible tool to promote partnership in your retail business. Some affiliate programs may include discounts, so keep in mind to stress that on the screen, because customers are always attracted by a good bargain. Hence, this is a suitable method to create a win-win for the businesses as well as their customers.