Staff Permission Jacey V. May 19, 2021
Staff Permission

What is staff permission?

Staff permission is the level of access your staff has in specific business operations, such as in a website or a point-of-sale (POS) system. This is when managers assign access to employees in different positions. Employees are then ‘permitted’ to perform certain tasks relating to their roles.

Why do businesses need specific staff permission?

Staff permission is used in any type of business, ranging from retail stores to other services. It helps businesses to categorize employees according to their roles and the features needed to perform the tasks. 

This keeps employees stay focused on their tasks and avoid mistakes being made cross-department. For example, people in the sales department cannot access files of the accounting team, unless the accountants provide them. In this way, staff permission can prevent cheats and any other accidental mistakes that cannot be traced. 

In addition, this activity can also keep the workplace organized, making it easier for employees to find resources whenever needed. Employees within the same department or sharing the same roles can work on the same documents or platform. This can increase productivity and the quality of collaboration.

Common staff permission examples

Here are some common examples, including the group of employees and what they are granted access to by the managers. This does not apply to all business, however, what they often do are:

How can businesses assign different staff permissions?

They often use software to do this type of activity. After grouping employees within the same departments/roles together, businesses can assign permission to them. Keep in mind that a group of employees can receive multiple access, depending on the specific company’s needs.